6 Feb, 2020

Senior Web Software Developer in Learning Games and Solutions

Helsinki, Finland www.10monkeys.com

10Monkeys is a Finnish company passionate about making e-learning games and solutions with exceptional quality and user experience.

Our main product is an online math program for children in primary schools. It's one of the most popular learning programs in the Nordic countries and is used by 300 000 students every year. In addition to the math program, we have also created several mobiles games for iOS and Android.

In 2018 we branched out into developing digital learning games and solutions for other organizations. Since then we have developed several learning solutions for clients. For example, we developed the game Taloussankari that teaches financials to young people.

We are now looking for a senior developer with at least 10 years' experience in full stack web development.

In addition to good skills in front-end and back-end technologies, we will appreciate candidates offering the following:

In this job you will spend most of your time developing software, but you will also:

Here is what we can offer.

If you are a passionate coder with an interest of making an impact through digital learning, please apply today!

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